Tactical Medics Group, LLC teaches the NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course curriculum. This nationally recognized curriculum meets the minimum standard of 16 hours training required by NAEMT.


Tactical Medics Group, LLC instructors have many years of knowledge in their respective fields and experience to match. We make a difference to your education beyond the power points supplied in this class. Our background and experience enhances your instruction to provide value to you the student. So it’s important to point out the following:


1. Disclaimer. Tactical Medics Group, LLC does not endorse individual views or concepts taught by any instructor outside the standard TCCC curriculum. What worked for them/us may not work for you! Every situation is different, so use your critical thinking skills and common sense before you apply anything being taught to you once you leave this course.


2. Indemnity and Hold Harmless. You hold harmless Tactical Medics Group LLC, its employees, contractors, family friends for damages mental, emotional or physical where a participant has failed to inform us of any pre-existing mental or physical disorders that maybe a detriment to their health or others during the duration of this course.


3. Intellectual Property. All intellectual property rights existing in any documentation or, data, knowhow, skills, methods or concepts used or developed by Tactical Medics Group, LLC and provided to you during the course of training is between you and us, belong to and remain vested in Tactical Medics Group, LLC.

4. Scope of Knowledge and License to Practice. Know that any techniques taught theoretically or practically on this course maybe above your medical scope of practice. Completing this course does not qualify nor certify you to conduct any advanced skill or advanced procedure taught unless your employers Medical Director has approved it.


Signing below states for the record that you understand each point