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Tactical Medics Groups President and Chief Training Officer, Terence Moore NRP provides private skills assessment tuition to all EMS students who are about to test out for National Registry at all certification levels. Terence has been a NREMT/NRP Paramedic since 2004. He has monitored skills stations for Nationally Registry Skills Testing days at Alvin Community College numerous times over the past 13 years. He knows all to well the stressors EMS students are under when it comes time to testing out.


Terence takes a systematic simplified approach to setting up and completing all skills stations to give you the student the best chance to pass your final curriculum skills stations and NREMT Skills stations if you feel you are struggling.


When students struggle through or fail skills stations it can be due to many causes, all of which take their toll on the students coping mechanisms and generally the end result is failure. To most failure is just not an option. When it happens students rarely have a means to recover from their poor testing result. Many just have no place to turn for help. Because the system they trained in or their lack of effort leaves them no options to succeed. Lets look at a few examples of the students that Terence can help with...


Student A completes the course and is ready to test out. Student A's instructor was not prepared, failed to provide you good instruction and now student A is at the end of their semester and testing is about to begin. Student A feels the pressure of impending failure because they fail to have the confidence to test out due to the fact they feel inadequately taught. With nowhere to turn, Student A try’s their best to study but feels strongly that they are going to fail.


Student B has a great instructor, completes their course, but has failed to apply themselves throughout the semester, missed classes etc. and now testing is around the corner and student B feels inadequately prepared for skills day.


Student C is the quiet one in the course, rarely does skills practice when it happens as they are the ones that lack the confidence in front of their group to do a skill the instructor has just taught, but would rather stand at the rear and watch the other students do the skill. Hoping that the time will run out for that skills session before they have to step up and do the skill.


If you’re a student falling into one of the 3 categories listed about or have your own unique circumstances, contact Terence "HERE" to set up a phone call to discuss your situation and setup your private or small group tution class.



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