Tactical Medics Group LLC

"Your Survival is Our Business"

Tactical Medics Group LLC is a woman owned small business, veteran run organization. We are a NAEMT Authorized Training Center that specializes in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Tactical Combat Casualty Care – All Combatants (TCCC-AC) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training in Texas. We are recognized for our excellent training methods, experienced staff and the value we provide each and every student. No short cuts are taken and attention to detail is maintained at all times. Students have travelled from all over the United States and World Wide to train with us. So we have a responsibility to exceed everyone’s expectations and do so on each and every course.


Our Motto “Your Survival is our Business” states that we care about the training we provide because your life may depend on it. So we pride ourselves on putting 110% into every class and provide you the student with all the tools needed to give you or anyone in your care the best chance of surviving a deadly encounter.


In our TCCC & TECCC curriculum we go the extra mile by providing a 1:4 Instructor/ student ratio for skills stations and a 1:1 Instructor/ student during scenarios. We provide students training manikins to establish a solid skills base before introducing them to dead tissue.


During Scenarios we go all out to give you the best experience possible. Our Drama department provides professionally moulaged victims. Each custom moulage is made and applied for that scenario only. These actors are are wearing clothes that you will cut away in each and every scenario. We don’t pretend with Tactical Medics Group!

 As a student you will be issued a tactical vest if you do not have one and you will open and apply brand new tactical medical supplies such as Chest Seals, Trauma Dressings, Packing Gauze and use Black Tourniquets. During each scenario your senses will be overwhelmed with the sight of people running, crying, screaming, blood pumping out of wounds, and pyrotechnics. All very carefully choreographed to bring a new level of realism to your scenario.


During the course you will be introduced to thousands of dollars of kit. Kit that you can try out before you buy, Kit that works and kit that doesn’t. Its all there to show you what’s on the market. For example, we have 3 kinds of junctional tourniquets SAM, CrOC, & JETT to play with. 6 different kinds of Intraosseous devices to practice with EzIO, F.A.S.T 1, FAST Responder, NIO, B.I.G., Talon. 6 versions of litters and the list goes on!


Our training is valued at over $1000 per student. Our price is only $650. This is because we honestly care more about your training than we do about the money! Come train with us and see why we are the best at what we do.

Student IFAK kits & Tactical Vests 

Dead Tissue used in Skills Stations

Experienced Instructors

Full Scenarios, Actors, Moulage, Smoke & More



Tactical Medics Group's "Enhanced Tactical Combat Casualty Care" (TCCC) Course, is a Military course taught by military veterans, who have served this great country in Iraq & Afghanistan or other armed conflicts. If your serious about this kind of training and the concepts of TCCC & TECC then you have come to the right place. Want to know why click HERE.