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It was played in a single string until the late 14th century when it evolved into the violin family. In the 13th century, its progenitor was the viaticum, and other examples such as the so-called Zingarini  viol  survive from the same period. The simplest of the keyed fiddles, it is a member of the viol family and was a predecessor to the modern violin and viola. As of the 16th century, the Nyckelharpa was a folk instrument played only in Scandinavia and Europe in the region of central and western Europe. The violin family originated in the 15th century from the western half of Europe while the Nyckelharpa came  from the east . See also Kaukauna Viols References External links Sound recording on YouTube Category:Bowed instruments Category:Keyed string instruments right panel shows an agarose gel analysis of PCR amplification of the indicated regions. *n* = 4 independent experiments.](gku397fig5){#F5} To further validate the occurrence of Spn1-dependent replication of ssDNA templates, we monitored its effects on replication of a G-quadruplex substrate (GQ). We previously showed that the human BLM helicase can unwind the human telomeric G-quadruplex in a D-loop formation manner, and therefore can serve as a useful template for monitoring replication by a processive DNA polymerase ([@B24]). To monitor the occurrence of fork regression and replication of G-quadruplexes, we used a single stranded DNA oligonucleotide designed to form a G-quadruplex, 5′-GGGTGGGGGTGGGGGTGG-3′ (Supplementary Figure S4A) and monitored its incorporation into a leading strand DNA product (∼5 kb) that was generated by a human DNA polymerase in the presence of a 4 nt gapped DNA substrate. Remarkably, mutation of the Spn1-C2 domain or its downstream sequence resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of the single strand DNA product (Supplementary Figure S4B). These observations strongly suggest that Spn1 is a host factor that promotes replication of circular ssDNA templates. To monitor the effect of Spn1 on the replication of a cellular template, we performed an endogenous DNA replication assay using the l




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