Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Feb 2014

December 5, 2013



I'm excited that TMG is running there next TCCC course on the 8th & 9th of Feb 2014 at Manvel EMS, Manvel Texas.


The TCCC course runs over 2 full days covering the core elements of TCCC training, such as Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care and Tactical Evacuation. In conjunction with these core elements we bring in some theory of why we do what we do when in battlefield situations and then add a healthy amount of hands on skills that one day might save a life, whether it be yours, a friend, partner or a complete stranger.


I say Battlefield?? Hey, I am here in the United States not in Iraq or Afghanistan? So why should I do this course!  Because the Global War on Terror playground is not some distant Middle Eastern country, it is also right here on our back yard! Have you thought about what the difference is to be killed by a rifle bullet in say Afghanistan compared to being killed by the same kind of bullet here in the United States??? Well I say no difference, what do you think? You say there are no IED's here so why would I need this training! I say, hey say that to those who victims at the Boston Bombing, or those who were misfortunate to crash their cars at high speed then only to catch on fire. I could cite many similarities between war zones and our home here, I am sure you could think of some of your own too if you gave yourself a moment or two.


TCCC will give you live saving skills to give a victim a fighting chance if they are unfortunate to be harmed by high velocity projectiles or severely injured in accidents on the roads, work or at home. Skills that make you feel more comfortable to jump into action if a situational crisis occurs. Or would you rather be that person who say's naaa wont happen to me. Consider this if the later was selected. Think about all the terror incidents since 9/11, think about all the terrible mass murder shootings that have happened. Then look around you and see who and how people died on the news that day or who suffered a terrible injury. I will bet every single one of those survivors said. "I thought something like this would never happen to me"


So ask yourself this question.  Do you want to be "PROACTIVE" or do you want to be "REACTIVE"?


So whos this course for? Its for all first responders, that is EMT-Basics, EMT-Advanced, EMT-Paramedics, RN's, PA's, MD's,Fire fighters, Police, Homeland Security, other Alphabet companies. Its for anyone who leaves home carrying concealed or for anyone who really just wants to survive a bad situation or give aid to someone who needs it.


If you do carry concealed this course is not to be missed. Remember you might carry a deadly weapon with the intent to win a gunfight or walk away from a bad incident. But you still need to be prepared. Because you may not walk away or could be severely injured. Think about it, the bad guy might just get lucky and get you or even someone you love. Why take a chance?


Come join us for this excellent class on Tactical Combat Casualty Care. You will pick up a lot of very good information. Learn about simple equipment you can keep in your med kit or in your care and more importantly know how to apply that equipment immediately ad effectively.  I guarantee you that you will walk away from this course happy that you completed it.



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