January 2, 2015

Tactical Medics Group LLC invented the "Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex C-A-T®" and is proud to present its offical release. The ATAK-C is the go to retention device to hold yourC-A-T®. Its highly functional, practical, has no moving parts and a price point that is just right. 


With 6 years in a war zone I have used all kinds of things to hold my C-A-T® such as - Electrical Tape, Rubber Bands, Haji made velcro ties, to naem a few. They had many pro's and many con's but did the job I wanted them to. The ATAK-C is now the go to retention device for my C-A-T® 


The ATAK-C is mounted to any Molle platform for true ambidextrous removal. No fine motor skills required. Mount them to the outside of your IFAK, Med Bag, front of your plate carrier or the rear of your plate carrier so team mates can deploy a C-A-T® when your pulling security. The ATAK-C can also be mounted via self taping screws anywhere you have a need to have a C-A-T® ready at hand.


Price per item is $13.50 for Black (Other colors will be available soon)

Price per item for Camo colors $14.99

For sale packages of a single ATAK-C with C-A-T® coming soon!


Check out our video for demostration of how the ATAK is mounted and deployed.


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