MULTIFAK - Mega IFAK kits are in!

Tactical Medics Group has been busy over the past month designing its own IFAK kit. So we are proud to announce another item to its product line the "MULTIFAK". The MULTIFAK is a mega IFAK kit and as the name implies "Multiple/IFAKs" As a Combat Medic, High Risk PSD Medic and Tactical Paramedic I found I was limited to the supplies I needed to carry due to the size restrictions of current IFAKs. I tended to carry more than one, sometimes three! The carriage of more IFAKs has its downfall. Even one can take up valuable space on your battle gear let alone three, and lets face it, we just don’t have the space to do it effectively or without restrictions! Also most operators tend to favor their left or right side of their kit for their IFAK placement, without due consideration that their dominant hand/arm could be injured preventing them access to much needed life saving supplies.

The MULTIFAK's features not only eliminates the above concerns but blows them out of the water.

1. The MULTIFAK is large enough to carry just what you need or more depending on your mission, without the need to carry extra IFAK kits!

2. Space or real estate on any tactical vest/ plate carrier is very limited. The MULTIFAK utilizes a part of your Tac-Vest or plate carrier that is not commonly used, the "back" Keeping your IFAK kit off the front of your vest. The added benefit means that when bullets fly you are closer to the ground!

3. When people set up their battle gear we tend to set it up to favor our dominant hand. Right handed people will generally place their IFAK on their right side. If their right hand/arm is injured it maybe impossible to gain entry into your IFAK. Considering I have seen many setups where the IFAK was, way around the side of their Tac-Vest. These load out kits look nice and balanced but the reality is that most can never get to their kit if the wrong hand/arm was injured. It would be a shame to die if access to your IFAK was out of reach. To combat this situation, the MULTIFAK is worn on your back. For personal use it can be removed with either hand effortlessly by our Individual Quick Release System (iQRS) or it can be accessed by others while its still on your back.

The MULTIFAK is NOT a Backpack. If anyone has worn Tac-Vest or plate carrier in the past and tried to put on a backpack you will know that its practically impossible to remove on your own. The iQRS will allow you access in seconds.

The MULTIFAK’s low profile also allows you to wear it whilst travelling in a vehicle comfortably.

The MULTIFAK also makes a great car kit by itself or used with a couple of different car mounts to be made available soon.

The MULTIFAKs over sized zippers allows you to rapidly gain entry to your kit in seconds! The MULTIFAK internal layout offers security of your contents without the hindrance of many pockets with labels. Its layout promotes rapid acquisition of your emergency supplies without thinking which pouch the item is in or by reading a label.

The MULTIFAK is a game changer in the immense field of Tactical Medical IFAKs/Bags. Tactical Medics Group continues to be a leader in designing and creating innovative products. The MUTIFAK now joins our patent pending ATAK to our product line.

Want the best? look no further than Tactical Medics Group for innovative products and excellent training!


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