iQRS Amazingly fast!

November 22, 2015

The "Individual Quick Release System" or iQRS has the perfect symbiotic relationship with our mega ifak kit the "MULTIFAK" The iQRS allows the operator to remove the MULTIFAK from the back of their plate carrier or tactical vest in one swift easy pull of the iQRS grab handle.


Quick release systems have been around for a while for tactical vests. They can be your best friend when the time comes to remove you gear and something you will hate when tryng to put your vest back together again. A nightmare known to those who has experienced just that. The iQRS breaks all rules. Its ease in replacing the MULTIFAK will surpirse you! No longer will you dread pulling a ripcord to access your kit, because replacing the MULTIFAK can be done in under 5 minutes with a little practice.


"Why the iQRS and not back pack straps for the MULTIFAK?" This is a simple question to answer. You have all worn and removed back packs. You all know that they can be a pain in the proverbial "A**" to remove and thats just with you wearing a simple shirt or even worse a jacket. Add a tactical vest and see how you go removing that pack in a timely manner! In an emergency removing your med bag should happen fast, I mean not in 30 or so seconds as you struggle to jump, twist and be overcome with frustration as you try and wrestle it off your back. Mind you while you are doing that I can gaurentee you that your mind is not on the patient right? The iQRS changes everytihing. You can approach the patient maintain contact and be watching for all visual cues and with one simple grab you can deploy your MULTIFAK and have it open in under 5 seconds.


The iQRS i available in 3 colors, Black, Coyote Brown and OD Green. Retail price $19.99


Full Stock levels will be obtained around mid December 2015



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