Consumer Value!

May 19, 2016

As a consumer we have expectations that need to be met on every purchase we make. For some its more emotional. Like "I got to have this" or "I got to do this" Most expect to receive some kind of "Value" built into their purchase to warrant taking cash out of their pockets to pay for it.


Tactical Medics Group LLC, is the exception to the norm in the Tactical Medical training market. In 4 years it has established itself as the leader in TCCC and TECC courses throughout all of Texas and other states. We have students flying in from all over wanting to train with us. They do not come because they need a certification. They come because they know that Tactical medics Group does not cut corners and goes all out to give you the student the very best education your money can buy. So from day one "Value" is imprinted into our DNA and it still remains the focus of everything we do in our training.


Why are we the best at what we do? First we start with our instructors. Our instructors are praised continuously for their knowledge and teaching methods. They are all veterans, that have served during OIF & OEF  and employ a wealth of experience to your learning situation. We provide more than $10,000 worth of kit so that you get hands on with some of the latest gear. We cram in an extra 4 hours of training during the weekend so that you get to enjoy two very full on training scenarios that are specifically designed to bring all of the elements of TCCC that you have been taught together into each scenario. We have a full drama department that supplies moulaged victims that bring a whole new awareness of trauma to your training. The victims are made up of current EMS students who know a thing or two about how they should act with their given wounds. We supply fully stocked IFAK kits that have a commercial value of more $130 each for you to open and tear open brand new chest seals, packing gauze, trauma dressings to apply to your victim just like you would in real life.


After two long days you will be a changed person. we have had students with zero medical background to those with 20 + year extensive paramedic level tactical backgrounds walk away saying "wow that was one of the best courses we have done"


Before leaving our TCCC or TECC course you will be presented with a NAEMT certificate, a Tactical Medics Group T-Shirt, one of our Challenge Coins, and TCCC Reference Cards. LEO's get an additional certificate and their details are submitted to TCOLE. These extras are not used to sell the course as our courses sell themselves. But they are given as extras, a thank you or a welcome to our groups extended family.


We are passionate about quality education and live by our motto "Your Survival is Our Business"



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