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Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Combat Medic/ Corpsman (TCCC-CMC)


We are a 5-star rated TCCC training company dedicated to training excellence. The core of all our efforts is the educational value we bring to all our students. Since we are a veteran-run company, we have all served our country as functioning members of the U.S. Military or DoD/DoS Private security contractors. Some still do full-time and teach for the DoD. Many of us have served multiple deployments, and some still carry the wounds we have seen. Our expertise in TCCC is undisputed and unmatched by any civilian training company. Our Enhanced 50-hour Five-day Tactical Combat Casualty Care course is an undisputed industry leader due to the intense curriculum we provide. 


Our Custom Tier 3 "Enhanced" TCCC- Combat Medic/Corpsman training program is highly sought after by the Military and various agencies because it meets the Joint Trauma System and Defense Health Agencies standard of training. 


Upon request, other TCCC Tiers level training is available:


The Enhanced TCCC-CMC course is suited for any military unit wanting a complete turn-key course


Tier 3 TCCC - Combat Medic Corpsman

This Tier 3 TCCC for Combat Medics Corpsman is the recently released Joint Trauma Systems course.  This intense, compressed curriculum is heavy in PowerPoints (645+ slides), which will take up approximately 60% of your allocated course time Breakout skills sessions are over quickly once everyone has done the skill once. There are 3 custom-designed, mission-specific scenarios on the last day. Each student will have a one-to-one instructor/student guidance during 2 scenarios. Then all students will be involved in a mascal exercise. In these scenarios, students will open and apply brand new trauma supplies and cut clothing of all professionally moulaged victims (Personal your unit will supply for this training). Meals are supplied on both full days. All of this will be done under various stimulants to include, including Pyro, smoke, sirens, flash bangs, BFA blanks, and more. 


Training Days typically run 9-10 hours each day. Your customized course will dictate the hours offered per your course needs.

We can offer the following:

1. Add more time for classroom and skills stations so that the students are not "Drinking from the fire hose."

2. Add more of our amazing scenarios to help the students transition through the crawl, walk, run process, up to and including a night scenario

3. We're open to any of your suggestions to enhance the training to support your mission.


When you successfully book a Tier 3 TCCC-Combat Medic Corpsman course we offer 2 FREE TCCC-All Service Members (Tier 1 TCCC-ASM) Courses for 20 students  on Day 1, and day 2 of training. So you unit gets up to 40 extra personal certified in TCCC-All Service Members.




The minimum student count is 20 stduents. We can teach smaller groups but the cost maybe very high.  We can go up to 28 in any one course. Any numbers exceeding 28 will be taught as separate courses.

We are able to travel anywhere in the United States or to conflict zones

We require up to 30-90 days lead time for any custom/ contract course to set a date for training.


Tactical Medics Group LLC will provide upon request the necessary individual invoices for each SF-182 submitted for payment. Tactical Medics Group LLC has the correct Merchant Category Codes (MCC) registered to our corporate U.S. banking account, for use by the requesting units GPC for Training and Education. We understand that the payment process may take time, so we will do our best to work with you, but it's rather critical that payment is received no later than 60 days before the scheduled course date.


Tactical Medics Group is a turn-key operation. We quote your unit/agency a specific price to complete the training. Training fees may differ with various locations. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS! The following is covered in every custom/contract course

  • Pre-Site Visit to cover all aspects of training prior to our arrival. (More Information)

  • Travel costs  & Per Diem for all Tactical Medics Group Staff to and from your training location

  • Breakfast & Lunch during each training day for all students

  • Minimum of 50 hours of intense, realistic training to include simulated and wet tissue skill labs and up to 3 mission-related realistic scenarios

  • Tactical Medics Group Certificate for Tier 3 TCCC- CMC

  • Each student will receive a T-Shirt, Custom Challenge Coin, TCCC Patch, and decal

  • 1Mb PDF file containing 72 individual "Skills Checklists" will be provided to your unit's command after training has been completed to be used for unit readiness checks or redeployment checks.

Victims/ Play actors

The quoted price will not include 12 "Unit Volunteers" required to act as victims. The organization requesting this training will supply the number of people to play victims required to complete the training. They will be professionally moulaged and trained to act the day before (Day 1 of training) the scenarios on day 2.



Tactical Medics Groups instructors are all veterans or currently serving in the military. Some have SOCOM experience and most have active secret clearances and current CAC cards. Most of our veterans are paramedics that have downrange experience and have been teaching with Tactical Medics Group for a number of years. You can review our instructor credentials "HERE"


contact us for references.

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