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Tactical Medics Group reserves the right to ONLY certify current or former Military personnel to teach TCCC.  The prospective student must be, at the minimum, a current (In date) certified Advanced EMT or higher credentials before we will certify them as a TCCC instructor. The only exception to this rule is currently serving personnel who are paid as medics or medical providers in their respective services. The latter can be an EMT-Basic or higher.


To ensure integrity in the TCCC program, Tactical Medics Group reserves the right to train or not to train instructor candidates based on their final assessment of the candidate’s background. Potential Instructor Candidates that meet the following verifiable qualifications and experience or equivalence have the best chance of being accepted. Tactical Medics Group Prerequisites.

A.     Former US or Foreign Military (Veteran)  with current  NREMT Advanced EMT, STATE Advanced EMT, or higher medical credentials.


B.     Current serving U.S or Foreign Military who serves as a medic or medical provider with NREMT or State EMT-Basic or higher medical qualifications.


1. Must have a CURRENT TCCC PROVIDER CARD (The TCCC-Medical Provider (TCCC-MP) certification must be dated within the past 18 months - Before the date you get assessed as an instructor);


2.     Apply to NAEMT to be an Instructor "HERE."

3.      Complete the NAEMT online "Instructor Preparatory Course" "HERE"   and send your completed certificate to

4.     Then be accepted as an Instructor candidate by Tactical Medics Group on their next scheduled TCCC Combat Medic/ Corpsman course to be assessed


Upon review by the Tactical Medics Group Director of Training, all applications will be considered. Your current CAC or DD-214 must be provided at the Instructor assessment. If it is not, your application will not be processed until such items are provided as proof you are eligible to be a TCCC Instructor through our training center.


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