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I just completed 3 weeks of high intensity Pre Deployment Training (PDT).  The weather was bad,  with 3 weeks of rain at the end I was  left  dead tired.  I tested the ATAK™ intensively and it is amazing! I had to search for the ideal position on my load bearing vest and found it. We tested it during life fire exercises, Immediate Action Techniques in or out of vehicles, TCCC, green on blue execises, ...I never lost the CAT! It was always easy to reach and when i performed the MARCH procedure. I also mounted a ATAK™ to my Beligim Army issued IFAK. 


Belgium Army Soldier



It's working perfectly. It's not taking up a lot of room on the belt, and I haven't noticed a difference from originally having the tourniquet hair-tied to my belt. I haven't gotten into any scuffles or anything major, but as of right now, I feel the tourniquet is very secure on my belt..............


Just got into a scuffle where my pistol mags and a pair of handcuffs came off my belt. However, tourniquet never budged. Good piece of equipment.


Police Officer

Pasadena ISD



“Man it is f**king awesome”


Police Officer

Metro PD


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