Tactical Medics Group's Owner & Director of Training  & NAEMT Affiliate Faculty

Terence Moore working as a U.S  Dept of State High Risk Principle Protection Officer (Bodyguard) Paramedic.


Image taken at Taji Iraq 2007

Why Train With Us?

Because we're the best 2 day TCCC provider in the United States!

Tactical Medics Group is setting the Gold Standard for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Training. Our focus has and always will be on YOU the student. Covering all three phases of TCCC in detail so we live up to our Motto "Your Survival is Our Business" We do this by going the "Extra Mile" and paying attention to details and NOT TAKING SHORT CUTS! The list below outlines why we are the best at what we do:


1. This is a military course so our instructors are veterans or current serving members with the United States Military with OIF and OEF outside the wire experience;


2. Our Instructors are current practicing SWAT/SRT Paramedics, Military Medics


3. During training you receive 1:1 instruction and guidance during all scenarios and a max of 1:4 during skills stations why? Because it really maters!;


4. We bring over $50,000 of kit to each course to provide you a a better learning experience  in class and in our high-end scenarios.;

5. Manikins are used for skills explanation and practice;

6. We use dead tissue to augment your training stations;


7. We use professionally moulaged roll players to act as shooter & victims in all scenarios;


8. We supply you a Tactical Vest with an IFAK kit filled with $150 worth of kit during each scenario if you do not have your own;


9. In every scenario you will open brand new off the shelf Chest Seals, and Trauma Bandages & gauze during every scenario, why? Because many students still mess up applying them including experienced paramedics. Lets face it, you all want to be tactical, and you fill your IFAK with cool gear.  But you will not open any of it up to see how it works, because its expensive and you don't want to waste the item, right? So when the time comes and you need to apply a dressing, chest seal etc you will apply it correctly. You will cut away cloths on every moulaged victim during every scenario!


10. Scenarios are designed to stimulate you. Your visual, auditory senses will be challenged as you move through the three phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care;We use blank firing weapons, smoke, and remote detonated pyrotechnics


11. We run a small shop during each course selling everything that you used in this class at prices equal to or cheaper than what you would pay on the web or at a much larger store;


12. Every student receives a NAEMT TCCC Certificate valid for 3 years and comes with 16 hours of CAPCE credits for EMS Fire;


13. Texas Law Enforcement Officers will receive an additional certificate free with 20 hours of training listed. You will also be provided the appropriate documentation upon request to give to your training officer so they can apply that training to TCOLE. NOTE: THESE CREDITS CAN ONLY BE ISSUED IF YOUR COMMISSION IS CARRIED BY AN AGENCY; and


14. Lastly we provide additional free goodies & handouts at the completion of each course.


Tactical Medics Group is serious about training you right from the very beginning. If you are just here for a card and your ticket stamped, you have come to the wrong place. If you are here to get the best training possible and to walk away with skills that could save you, your partner, or your family then you have made the right move by signing up on our next class.