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Tactical Medics Group LLC is currently sourcing well qualified individuals for various positions within our company. Preference is given to former military medical personal or those that are experienced 911 Advanced Paramedic providers with a strong tactical background or previous contract experience.


Submission of application does not guarantee employment.



Tactical Medics Group

Looking for experienced TCCC educators. Prior or current military only. Deployed experience desirable. Contact

Pyro Technician

Need a pyro technician who is comfortable around different weapons, blank ammunition. Prefer prior military (EOD, Infantry etc), SWAT


More Information HERE 

Moulage Technician

We require an experienced Moulage Technician who can make simple custom wounds, apply them quickly so that they will last the duration of the scenario and be quick enough to repair the moulage or apply a substitute to keep up with the fast paced tempo of the scenarios.


More Information HERE 

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