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Our Courses

Tactical Medics Group LLC has a variety of courses listed below for those who are tactically minded or for those of you who need to know the basics on how to survive if ever caught in an active shooter situation or home invasion.


If some time has passed since your last TCCC course, there are some very important changes coming through the pipeline. As of February 2024 getting any TCCC training locally will become increasingly more difficult. The Dept of Defence has mandated that the standard 2 day TCCC course you may have been familiar with will be replaced with a 6-7 day course. Which 99% of you will not get a chance to do due to time and cost to do that course. So moving forward we are in the development phase of creating series of courses that meet the general publics needs. 


Bystander Active Shooter Education (B.A.S.E.)

This course is like no other active shooter training course. Our original curriculum has no equal in the industry. This 4–5-hour course will prepare you in the unlikely event that you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Civilian Courses

Custom Courses Only.

TCOLE Credit available for self-reporting to all Texas Law Enforcement Officers

who have their commission carried by a law enforcement agency

Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses

TCCC training for civilians from recognized organizations like NAEMT will be increasingly more difficult to source due to NAEMT falling into line with The U.S. Department of Defense mandated TCCC course training requirements. The TCCC course for Medical Providers will no longer be offered beyond Feb 2024. That course will be replaced by the new TCCC Combat Medic/Corpsman course, which has 63 hours of training time allocated to it. A lot of its curriculum is driven to expose students to TCCC, but in truth, it is more of a vessel to recertify their medics given the 70+ skills check-off sheets that need to be completed by each student. It's a profound shift from teaching the core principles of TCCC and replacing that with some kind of recertification program that this new 63-hour TCCC Combat Medic Corpsman course has become.

To combat this radical shift in curriculums provided by Deployed Medicine, Tactical Medics Group will roll out a series of blended TCCC training courses to fulfill our student's needs of fewer PowerPoints, More Skills Stations and More Amazing Scenarios. Our entry level course could roll out as early sometime in in late 2024 or during the first quarter of 2025 (subject to change).



Combat Trauma Casualty Care


8 hrs

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Combat Trauma Casualty Care Responder

20 hrs


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Combat Trauma Casualty Care - Medical Provider 


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Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses


We offer any of our armed services the following TCCC courses.  Each course can be customized to your units particular mission. Please contact for the password to see more details.


8 hrs


32 - 40 hrs


> 63 hrs


> 30 hrs

MEDIC-X ©2024.png


8-40 hrs

Tactical Combat Casualty Care for "All Service Members"

This is the entry-level TCCC-ASM curriculum for everyone that is non-medical. This bare-bones curriculum focuses on providing the student with the fundamentals of the 3 phases of TCCC, "Care Under Fire," Tactical Field Care," and Tactical Evacuation," and basic medical equipment found on your JFAK (IFAK) and battlefield treatments. So this course is excellent for all unit members, no matter your service or agency. It's also an excellent course for any concealed carry, hunter, or person that has access to firearms within their home. 





Tactical Combat Casualty Care for "Combat Life Saver"

This next level of TCCC - CLS training is for anyone within your unit with the aptitude and interest in more advanced medical knowledge, or your respective unit needs you to step up and provide additional support to your unit medics. This course can run over many days and is offered to military units only. 








Tactical Combat Casualty Care for "Combat Medics/Corpsman"

This new TCCC - CMC curriculum was released in early March 2022.  The content is directed to, as the title states, Combat Medics and Corpsman. However, any advanced medical providers or first responders would get a lot out of this course. Its the course for those who want the very best TCCC learning experience. This course is Tactical Medics Group specialty. 







CUSTOM - Tactical Combat Casualty Care 

The course is designed to meet the units TCCC needs. We can offer a curriculum with less PowerPoint in the classroom, more hands-on Skills, and more scenarios. We can focus training to prepare your troops in their given mission set. We can do this in a compressed 2-3 day format or if needed, over periods of up to a week or more. Our expertise in TCCC training is unmatched. Its not what we know about TCCC, Its not where we have been and experienced real TCCC, but its more about us being solid TCCC educators with proven qualifications in actually teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Add this to the fact we're a civilian training company that stands out above anyone else because we actually care about what we teach and how we teach and that we exceed your unit's expectations. If we didn't we would be in business.


Comprised of 4 modules and 52 skills. One module is presented per day and covers all skills in depth with hands on application to all relevant equipment and enough disposable supplies for every student. Like to know more contact 

The time listed for these courses may be less than the DoD limits required for each course. Note that our course schedules have fewer breaks and longer days than a standardized school house curriculum. The content and objectives are still the same and in most instances exceeds NAEMT/DoD learning objectives.

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