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Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex - C-A-T® (ATAK-C) "Patent Pending"


The Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex (ATAK™ ) is the most verstile Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T ®) rapid acquisition, tourniquet retention device on the market. It allows the user to mount the ATAK™ to any Molle/ PALs platform and insert a prefolded C-A-T ® tourniquet so its available at a instant. The ATAK™ design enables you to acquire, deploy and employ a C-A-T ® to any limb with full hemostasis in under 30 seconds for the untrained user.

Tourniquet, Tourniquet Holder, Tourniquet Pouch, Kydex Tourniquet Holder



Tourniquet, Tourniquet Holder, Tourniquet Pouch, Kydex Tourniquet Holder





Tactical Medics Group, LLC  Invented the "Patented" 

Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex - ATAK™


We are proud to introduce the ATAK™ onto the Tactical Market as the must have kit for anyone requiring rapid access to your Tourniquet. Key points we considered in the development phase.


VERSITILE: The ATAK™ mounts to any Molle platform. So you can mount it on your Vest, Drop holster, Med Bag, to your IFAK or even your belt.  It or you can even mount it to a solid surface with self taping screws. No other kydex holder is this verstile!


DESIGN: The ATAK™ is a one piece design made of high quality Kydex. It has no screws or moving parts making it reliable & practically fail safe.


AMBIDEXTROUS: The ATAK™ allows for rapid access to your C-A-T® with either hand. Allowing you to deploy the C-A-T® by pulling it out through the front or either side of the ATAK™


RETENTION: The ATAK™ has the perfect amount of retention. Strong enough to retain the C-A-T® during operations, giving you the piece of mind that it should maintain the C-A-T® where it needs to be. 


FOOTPRINT:  The ATAK™ is a compact design that takes up as much space as a 9mm magazine pouch


SPEED: No other C-A-T® kydex holder on the market allows you to deploy you C-A-T® as fast as the ATAK™. When your injured, going into shock and when seconds do really count, then the ATAK™ is the best tounriquet rentention device out there.


PRICE: The ATAK™ is priced from $13.50 and comes in a range of Solid & Camouflage colors


We at Tactical Medics Group understand that you have a choice when it comes to carrying your tourniquet. We also know that price is a big factor. So when we developed the ATAK™ we perfected the K.I.S.S. principle for this product. Our ATAK™'s are being used by Special Forces, SWAT, Law enforcement and other operators in foriegn lands. It is the best tourniquet retention device out there!


The ATAK™ has been running pretty strong on my rig without falling out, and I beat shit around. However, I do have to give credit to TMG. The incident the other day on our range was mitigated by the ATAK™ in that it caused me to fold the CAT out if it's packaging and prep it for application to a leg wound. This dramatically sped up the process of applying the tourniquet, allowing me to apply it within seconds of the injury.


Thank you very much.


(Name withheld)

Contact for sales or dealership inquiries.

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