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Tactical Medics Group Mission is to bring together the collective experience of our hand picked veterans with real world experience in high risk environments within our Military, Contracting, SWAT/SRT and EMS fields.


The aim is to provide you the student the most comprehensive, realistic training available. We provide all the tools to enhance your learning objectives in the classroom during lectures, and skills stations culminating in realistic scenarios that bring everything you are taught together in a way that will challenge every student.


Reflect our foundational skills as subject matter experts in the field of tactical medical training. Our aim is to engross your senses and prepare you for the threat that exists around us. Our program does this by doing the following:


Program Integrity:

Our instructors are well vetted and have current, real world background to enhance your learning experience.



Is packed into every course we do. Our training package not only exceeds the competition base training standards set by many of our competitors. But sets the bar so high that all fail to achieve.



If there is a picture on the power point of a piece of kit, we not only have it, but have multiple versions of it that you can get your hands on it, use and evaluate it before purchasing it for personal or departmental use. We exceed NAEMT’s minimum equipment requirements to effectively teach TCCC related courses.



No short cuts allowed, nor do we pretend. Students will open brand new dressings, chest seals and physically cut clothes off each bloodied moulaged victim in every scenario they complete during our 2-day training courses. Additional psycological stressors are added to take realism to a new level.



To provide students access to innovative proprietary designed equipment such as our Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex (ATAK™) and our new mega-IFAK kit the “MULITFAK” under the Tactical Medics Group's label “Gear That Works”

"The best training program in the world is absolutely worthless without the will to execute it properly, consistently and with intensity". 


John Romaniello



“Your Survival Is Our Business”

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