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Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex - C-A-T® (ATAK-C) "Patent Pending"

Gear That Works!



Tactical Medics Group took an unconventional approach to tactical nylon production when they designed their excellent Belt IFAK or "BeltFAK". Unlike other nylon manufacturers who make a product that you the end consumer needs to adapt to. Tactical Medics Group chief designer Terence Moore gave some thought on what would be the right amount of gear to carry in a EDC kit.  When designing an innovative EDC carry kit, space is always an issue. The contents had to be small, light weight, and if possible be multi-functional. Once the list of gear was created Terry went about designing an innovative compact, rapidly deployable EDC carriage device to carry those items.  The end product, is a very compact, comfortable and practical EDC kit. As with all products created by Tactcial Medics Group, Prolonged testing was carried out to ensure that the BeltFAK was as good as its design. Here is the report:


1. The BeltFAK has been worn during work, out for dinner, to the movies, shopping, in and out of all kinds of modes of transportation on average 6 out of 7 days per week from the beginning of December 2016 to March 2018. Making it a true EDC trauma kit!


2. It was worn on 7 trans Atlantic (17hr) flights in economy class and never removed or taken off (its that comfortable!)


3. Terry currently works for the DOD as a medical specialist and wears his Beltfak daily on and off duty. 

4. The inner pouch has never fell out, or come close to falling out of its outer carrier. The Insert stayed in its intended position always.


What is the right amount of gear to carry and why should Tactical Medics Group decide on what’s best for you? Tactical medics Groups owner Terence Moore who is President and is also the chief designer of its expanding innovative product range. The BeltFAK is its third item to be released under its “Gear That Works” label. Terence has more than 30 years of diverse medical experience. He was an Australian Army Combat Medic for 9 years and has contracted in high risk PSD and Remote Paramedic jobs for 8 years in Iraq & Afghanistan. He is a Nationally Registered Paramedic since 2004, Texas EMS educator and runs Tactical Medics Group LLC. His extensive experience makes use of each critical item that is carried in the BeltFAK. Some may not agree and would want more or less, or even different supplies in their EDC kit. He says that’s ok, you carry what you are comfortable with which is in most cases what your training or experience has given you knowledge in. He acknowledges that with time and experience he carries less with the mindset of doing more. Read more about EDC



1x SWAT-T Tourniquet

2 x Vented Chest Seals

1x Combat Gauze

1x Bear Claw/ Talon Gloves

1 x NPA



Width    6in

Height   4.5in (Not inc handle)

Depth    1.25in

Weight   1.6oz (empty) 12oz fully loaded

2.5in Belt loops


Made of 500 Denier nylon





The BeltFAK insert can be acquired ambidextrously with gross motor skills in under 2 seconds!


The heavy duty elastic outer casing secures the insert, yet allows rapid access with either hand via the easily found plastic grab handle.



How to load Contents into BeltFAK

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