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Frequently Asked Questions...


Who are Tactical Medics Group?

We are a group of highly trained military veterans with down range time in Iraq & Afghanistan, as Military Medics and Paramedics. Our aim is to provide you the very best learning experience on every TCCC class we do. Our TCCC class is recognised as one of the best in the industry.



Enhanced TCCC  is just that. The standard TCCC program is practically death by power point for two 8 hour days. Enhanced means that our program offers far more value to the student by employing specialized gear and equipment and moulaged actors role playing for scenarios. It just doesn't get better than this!


Where do you run your courses?

Tactical Medics Group trainig center is located at 605 Kelly Blvd, Angleton TX 77515 If you use a smart phone GPS map system, search for B.G. Peck Soccor Complex, Angleton TX 77515 and you will find us.


Do you teach courses elsewhere?

Yes! Tactical Medics Group is a mobile training capable organization. We are able to mobilize to any facilty and provide site specific appropriate training.


Note:  Additional course costs will apply due to mobilization


Can I get continuing education credit?


Yes when you attend any of our Tier 1,2,3 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses.  A total of 8-16hrs CAPCE approved credits for EMS personal for either of those courses you complete. 


For Texas law enforcement officers, you are eligible to apply for 23 hours of approved TCLOE credits for either TCCC or TECC and 8hrs for TCCC-ASM. You will be presented an additional Certificate of Training , paperwork to be provided to your agencies training office to be submitted to TCOLE.

(Your commision must be held by a law enforcement agency to be qualified to receive TCOLE credits)


How to be certifed as a Tactical Medic?

Tactical Medics Group will NOT certify you as a Tactical Medic. We can provide you with an insight to tactical medicine by providing you training in one of our Tier 1,2,3 courses. 


Do you provide consultation services?

Yes! Tactical Medics Group of instructors can provide a wide range of consultations in regards to tactical medical training, LEO load outs kits, departmental purchasing descisions and threat assessments.


Individual Discounts

No discounts are offered. Any course we offer to the general public are heavily discounted given the value infused into each course.


Group Discounts?


None are offered


Do you teach uniformed miltary, coast guard personal?


Yes! We're frequently sought after by our military please contact via your .mil email account to see what we offer.


I am interested in joining your staff how do I become a member of your team?


Our core requirements to teach are listed below. Exceptions can be made if your skill set is a desired commodity. Please contact, if you have or exceed these core requirements:


1.   You are a veteran of the U.S or foreign service;


2.   You have served during OIF & OEF or another high risk environment & carried loaded weapons outside the wire for your security or for others; and


3.   Applying for Tactical Paramedic Instructor position, you must be a practicing Paramedic that has 911 experience.


4.   Applying for Tactical Medic Instructor position, you must be a current OR past Uniformed Services Medic, PJ, 18D.


All resumes will be looked at closely and references contacted.


REFUND POLICY - Full version "HERE"


14 days before the scheduled course date – “NO REFUND”

  • Your course money will be held and applied to another TCCC course


14-28 days before the scheduled course date – “75% REFUND”

  • Or your money will be held and applied to another TCCC course


28 days or more – “95% REFUND”




If a student fails to show up for training on the date they registered and paid for without prior excuse. They will forfiet 50% of their course fee. The remaining 50% will not be refunded but applied to another course you select in that calendar year. If you fail to make that second course all funds will be be lost.

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