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Research & Development

Tactical Medics Group LLC’s R&D division is guided by its founding president and primary inventor Terence Moore NRP. Terry’s diverse medical / tactical background spans 28 years, giving him a unique insight on what works and what doesn’t. His efforts to date has produced the


1. “Patented” Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex or ATAK™ in 2014;


2. The new mega IFAK kit called the MULTIFAK which was released recently in August 2015.


3. In January 2017 the BELTFAK a small compact EDC IFAK kit designed around the contents it carries was introduced Terry is driven to provide innovative products that are practical, versatile, simple and affordable “Gear that works!”


A message from the President

I am committed to produce quality products and stand by everything we design and release. The question I always ask myself is “Would I wear it?, Does it work? Is it innovative? and is it versatile?” If the answer is yes to all? It gets my stamp of approval and it goes into production, if no then you will never hear about it. If you would like to know more about our products explore our website and if any of your questions, go unanswered feel free to email me direct.


Terence Moore


Tactical Medics Group LLC





The patent pending "Ambidextrous Tourniquet Attachment Kydex" or ATAK™ Allows rapid acquisition and deployment of your C-A-T®  tourniquet by either hand, by pulling it out of the ATAK™ from any direction. Its simple one piece design is very cost effective compared to more rigid devices on the market. More

The MULTIFAK is in a sense a Mega IFAK kit. Designed while on contract in Afghanistan on a DOD contract the MULTIFAK will change the way we carry our IFAK/s in a very positive way by saving more lives, more efficiently. More

4 BeltFaks.jpg

Introducing the Belt IFAK or BeltFAK. This amazing little kit is very compact given the contents it carries. Its primary purpose is to be a EDC kit. When carried on the belt loop you will find it extremely comfortable. You can abidextrously remove the contents and have them open to you in less than 3 seconds! More

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