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Bridge Of Life Training was established in early 2014 when it's founder noticed a trend of response to Active Shooter Events by responders was attacking these terrible events from the "Outside In" For example; Law Enforcement not longer waits for SWAT to arrive before they enter. Columbine Shooting changed their tactics becuase the shootings still continued while they waited. So now they enter almost immediately leaving the shooter little time to do business and it is saving lives.  As with other training agencies they are focused on fighting the Active Shooter Event in the same manner. The Bridge OF Life Training founder concluded that more lives are being saved by ther quick actions, but lives were still being lost. So something had to be done different. There had to be better way to give those who are seriously injured fighting chance. So the problem had to be also be addressed from the "Inside Out" Meaning those who are injured or close to the injured on the spot had to be given the tools to prolong life until responders can safely attend to their wounds.


Bridge Of Life Training is a concept of care. Its name suggests prolonging life from the point of injury till responders arrive. One of the leading causes of death on the battlefield is hemorrhage. Victims can bleed out in as little as 3 minutes if aid is not rendered by self aid or buddy aid. But if you had the tools and training you could possibly extend that 3 minutes to 10, 15, 20 minutes or more, thereby creating a Bridge Of Life! You can make a difference, you can save lives and seconds do count.


Bridge Of Life Training "ByStander Active Shooter Education course is appropriate to everyone from the ages of 8years to 80 years. The threat of Active Shooter Events, and the growing threat of ISIS within our country this training applies to everyone and every business. Though the ByStander Active Shooter Education (BASE) course was initially designed for schools the curriculum is valid for all audiences small or large commercial or non commercial. The Curiculum addresses actions and treatments at a very basic primal level. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basic fundamentals of BASE. The aim of the course is to allow you to retain the content for a very long period of time. So people of all ages can grasp the concept of care and act appropriately. More about the Bridge Of Life Training can be found on our website




None whatsoever!

1800-2200    27 Oct 2023


Brazoria County Fire Fighting Field.

605 Kelly Blvd


Texas 77515


  • 4 hours of Theory

  • Practical life saving skills stations;

  • Post test

You will receive a "Bystander Active Shooter Education" certificate of training and tourniquet.


  • Pen & paper to take notes

  • Wear comfortable cloths that will allow you to bend over and maintain your diginity, closed toe shoes (no Flip Flops or sandals)


This certification is valid for 2 years




Your instructors veterans, many of which have overseas deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. They are world class instructors from Tactical Medics Group who train Police, FIre, EMS and our military in "Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training. Without a doubt you will be in good hands

For those who want to know more about battlefield injuries and making the right descision at the right time consider taking our Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Combatants course. This 8hr class will immerse you the core concepts of its three main objectives.


1. Care under fire: What to do and when to do it, can and will make a difference in life and death descisions


2. Tactical Field Care: You will be taught to do only whats necessary to prolong life whilst the threat could still be present.


3. Tactical Evacuation: Know what other medical interventions that can be done at this time and how to move casualties.


Find out more about this course here "LINK"



3. PAY

  • Book and pay now and secure your spot.

  • Minimum 6 students required to run this course.

  • If minimum number not met, full refund will be given immediately.

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