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Everyday Carry (EDC)


When we talk about EDC or Every Day Carry, most people think of all the hardware they carry to support their gunslinger mentality, like Pistol/s, Spare Mags, Tactical Lights, Knives etc etc. The sad truth is, most of you will drop down a long list of cool and some envious stuff and it great quantities too. But it doesn’t count unless it really is EDC. Meaning you don’t just load up for the weekend, but carry all that stuff, all the time, hence the term "Every Day Carry". If you are one of those who carries a lot of stuff. I''ll be happy to bet you that most of you do not carry all your stuff all the time and I am not including your work time where some of you are not allowed to carry. But in general I am referring to all the time you can carry. Why do I know this? Well here is a couple of reasons:


1. If it’s too bulky and heavy, most of you will not carry it but a few times and then throw in the towel and leave most of it behind at home.


2. If it is uncomfortable to carry? I guarantee it will be left on the counter at home sooner rather than later.


If you EDC, you must weigh up all the pros & cons. Is it worth the heart ache and trouble or is it not? I believe most will give up and leave most of what they want to carry at home. Unless of course you find a way to carry enough stuff and wear it comfortably.


Which leads to my EDC Medical gear. I know you’re a gunslinger and awesome at IDPA and you don’t need it because your bullet always finds its mark. Well I am here to tell you that most of you, if not all probably have a better chance at winning the lotto before hitting your mark when caught by surprise. So if you end up second best, life threatening injuries may occur. If that happens, I ask, why do very few people if any at all EDC medical gear? I am guessing even the medics don’t EDC medical gear, even if its a TQ. Because of the two points listed above.


So, I carry mine in my BeltFAK which gives me access ambidextrously to 2x Chest Seals, 1x Combat Gauze, and 1x NPA, 1x pair of Bear Claw gloves and 1x  SWAT TQ,  in less than 3 seconds. I can wear it anywhere, anytime and I never want to take it off, why? Because its comfortable. if I can wear this kit on a plane for 17 hours and not take it off, in an economy seat, tells you its comfortable to wear anywhere, anytime, all the time.


But besides bragging about the BeltFAK and how happy I am that I can EDC my medical gear comfortably. What’s your Every Day Carry for Medical Supplies and where do you carry them?

"Whats the best tourniquet in the world?"...The one you carry!


Terence Moore


Tactical Medics Group

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