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Will Ellison

Tactical Medic Instructor



United States Army               Length of Service: 6.5 Years

MOS: 11B Light Infantry


  • Deployed to Iraq 08-09 (Tikrit, Sharqat) and Afghanistan 11-12 (Kunar Province) troop surges with the US Army 25th Infantry Division

  • Deployed in support of the Kabul Embassy Security Force as member of Department of State Emergency Response Team (Wounded in Action 2016)

  • Combat Life Saver Certified

  • Nationally Registered Advanced EMT

  • US Army Combat Infantryman Badge

  • Certified Tactical First Responder  TR-C, IBSC

Instructor Ratings:

  • NAEMT TCCC Instructor

Other Training:

  • Department of State Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) Personal Security Specialist (PSS)

  • Department of State Emergency Response Team (ERT)

  • Secfor International High Threat Protection Specialist

  • Secfor International High Risk Medic

  • Predator Security and Defense Advanced Bodyguard

  • Odin -STOMP course 2018

  • NREMT Advanced EMT



LEVEL: Dept of State SECRET

Common Access Card -  NO

Veteran Retirement Card - Expiry Date: N/A

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