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Moulage Technician - Casual



Tactical Medics Group is a leader in providing high end, realistic Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Training. We are in the process of vetting applications for a Moulage Technician. The Moulage Technician (MT) position has a critical role in the overall success of our amazing scenarios.  The successful applicant will be required to do the following and more:

Work closely with the lead instructors to ascertain what wounds need to be made and applied in each scenario

Make repeatable, realistic as possible wounds and apply to 5 actors in a short period of time

Pack up and clean your duty station at the completion of training. All trash will be bagged up, all equipment used be stored back on the wheeled shelves clean and in a serviceable condition

Report any accidental breakages

Report any stores that need to be replaced due to it all being used or low in stock

Provide receipts of any approved work related expenses

Assist with any other duties directed by management



You will be required whenever we run our TCCC courses away from the Houston area. Know that these courses are booked 2-6 months in advance. Leaving you plenty of time to plan for the trip


To be negotiated - During Home (Houston) or away Courses

To be negotiated - Any prep time Pre-Courses


Live in the Greater Houston Area for local training

Live elsewhere if available for contract courses in any U.S. State.

Must have solid moulage skills

Must be able to make silicon wounds to paste in place quickly

Must have good time management

Must be able to manage actors (akin to herding cats)

Must be able to keep to the time line given

Candidates must be in good physical condition.

Be capable of successfully enduring the stress of working in summer heat

Citizenship: Must be a US Citizen by birth or Naturalized

No Felony or Domestic Violence convictions

Valid Driver’s License

Resume w/full job history


Any moulage experience that has given you a solid foundation in the application of moulage. This is not the place for you to learn it.

Military experience or current law enforcement.Advanced EMT or National or State Registered Paramedic is an advantage.


We provide all moulage supplies and equipment for you to do your job

We will source within reason any specialized moulage supplies that will make your job easier. Basically you ask for it and we wil do our best to get it for you.

We provide actors to be moulaged

We provide food and refreshments during local courses

We provide and cover all flights, hotels, meals and drinks for going away courses


As a small company we do not provide any medical coverage or insurance

We do not debit your pay  for any taxes, you will receive a 1099 when requested.



Know that safety is paramount to all our operations


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