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The purpose of the pre-site visit is to eliminate any surprises to client and allows us time to iron out a smooth pathway to exceed your training expectations.  It allow us time to adjust our curriculum to ensure we have all the right gear to be successful. Here are some of the discussion points we will go over during a site visit:

Indoor teaching requirements:

1. Classrooms - We will require a large classroom that should comfortably sit more than twice the amount of students we are training. This important because the extra space is needed to safely do the drills we have in place and with COVID 19 we would like to see some distancing in the classroom.

2. Auxiliary Classrooms - We would like 2 large adjoining or nearby classrooms to set up the many skills stations we have scheduled. The more space the better.


3. Admin Office/ Conference room/ Classroom - This space is required to for our admin team and instructors to prep for their next lessons.

4. Kitchen Area - Or a space to set up the meals we provide. Having a sink, Fridge/ Freezer and power sockets will assist the admin team to prepare and provide meals to the students.

Outdoor teaching requirements:

1. A shady or covered grassy area near the classrooms will allow for quick turn overs during skills sessions

2. Outside shelter for skills during wet weather


Meals are provided to allow the compressed nature of our curriculum to continue without delay. There are times were the students will have time to go and grab food and other times they will not, and will have to grab food and sit back down again. It all depends on the tempo of the course.  To mitigate this issue we provide meals that allow us to continue in a manner to finish the course of training on schedule.


1. We will discuss how we can implement our equipment we use for stress inoculation or how your unit can assist in supplying the military version to ensure our scenarios are successful. This equipment includes.

     a. Remote controlled Pyrotechnics. These are Class 1.4g (Consumer Fireworks, Proximate Pyro ), UN 0431

         Official Description - Articles, Pyrotechnics for technical purposes.

     b. M4 weapon platforms with BFA's and blanks. Typically Military Security Forces/ Military Police will play
        Opfor in one of the 3 scenarios we will plan on specified courses.

     c. Use of smoke, Flash Bangs, unit supplied or supplied by us.

     d. We will require a comfortable holding area where the students can rest immediately after their scenario yet
         yet be far enough away from the students who are waiting their turn to do the scenario

2. Design scenarios that fit your mission set.

3. Speak with Safety or any other official regarding the training we are planning to do.

4. Discuss VIP's and PAO attendance

5. Cover the flow of training from the day of arrival to departure.

6. Meet and Greet so that when we arrive we are not complete strangers.

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