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Tactical Combat Casualty Care - TRAINING

2022 State of Texas Training Schedule



All courses published on this website are open to the general public unless otherwise specified in bold print stating this is a "Closed" course.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) has evolved into 4 TIERs.  The layering of TCCC helps you to identify the course that meets your needs. All "Tier 3" courses are known as the current NAEMT TCCC Provider Course with a Tier 3 title. Review the following and select the ICON to preview course offerings.

TCCC- CMC2 copy.png


The TIER 3 Enhanced TCCC course is a signature TCCC Provider course. This course covers 23 hours of amazing training that culminates in you completing 3 high end scenarios designed to tie in all the TCCC training we have provided you. These scenarios involve professionally moulaged actors, blank firing weapons, smoke, flash bangs, remote detonated Pyro and more. There is no finer TCCC Provider course offered anywhere that matches the value we infuse over 23hrs of allocated TCCC training.


TCCC-MP PLUS (Runs concurrently with the Enhanced TCCC course)

This TIER 3 version provides you the same NAEMT TCCC Provider certification as the Enhanced version above. Except that it only covers 16 hrs of instruction.  The only difference compared to the Enhanced course is that you will not participate in any of our amazing scenarios. This course works great for you if you need to complete an amazing TCCC Provider course but need most of the Sunday to return home in time to make work on the Monday. You can expect to finish NLT than 1030hrs Sunday morning.


TCCC-MP BASIC (Runs independently to any other TIER 3 course)

This TIER 3 version is offered a couple of times a year as a stand alone course. It covers 16 hours of instruction. You will get to do many hands on skills stations without any dead tissue labs, meals, or other bells & whistles offered in the Enhanced or PLUS course. 



This TIER 1 TCCC- Combat Life Saver course is typically offered to the MILITARY ONLY It covers up to 40 hours of basic instruction. Please contact us for further details and pricing.



This TIER 1 TCCC- All Service Members course is typically offered a couple of times a year as a stand alone course. It covers 8 hours of basic instruction. You will get to do many hands on skills stations that help tie in the information taught to you.



The TCCC Instructor course is available only to students who are medically trained and have a "CURRENT" medical provider certification i.e EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Military Medic etc. All applicants must have current TCCC Medical Provider certification card that is less than 12 months old to the date they undertake training. They also must be a Advanced EMT or better, Must be a current serving service member in any of the services or be a Veteran.  Please review the links next page for finer details.

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