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Why train with us?

Our TCCC instructors are either full-time servicemen teaching TCCC as corpsman/ 18D or experienced veterans with multiple deployments downrange. Most of us have current CAC and Secret/ TS-SCI clearances.  We offer up to 23 intense hours of training for our civilian courses and up to 30 or more hours for the Military. In our training, you will complete highly stressful scenarios with moulaged victims covered in fake blood and wounds, cut away clothing, open new chest seals and trauma dressings, and be proficient in the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm. For custom courses, you get all that and more!

"Your Survival Is Our Business"


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Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Combat Medic/Corpsman (TCCC-CMC)


07-09 July 2023


Our Enhanced TCCC program is in a league of its own. It is indeed a full on rock-show of sorts. Our amazing drama technician produces custom wounds  for our trained actors. Our Pyro guy preps all weapons, and pyros to give you the most realistic training experience. No one can provide you the student with this much value packed into this 23 hour two plus day course! Come see why we consistently get a 5 star rating and why students come back to us.



Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Combat Medic/Corpsman (TCCC-CMC)



Our PLUS TCCC course piggy backs onto our "Enhanced" TCCC-CMC course. It allows the student to get all the bells and whistles of the Enhanced course "WITHOUT" the Amazing Scenarios. Its a great course for those who travel because it allows you to finish early on the last day.


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Tactical Medics Group is a mobile schoolhouse that has the ability to bring our world-class training to your location. Our turn-key operation is applauded by many units who have secured our training in the past. Giving us recognition as a training company that consistently surpasses their unit's command expectations. Don’t take our word for it; contact for references or AARs. 


With that in mind, we take all training we offer seriously regarding your unit's medical readiness. Our instructors are hand-picked current or past serving professionals that not only have the proper credentials to teach TCCC but excel in teaching your students TCCC under the very best learning conditions. Simply put, our expertise in this subject matter, time management, team cohesion, and curriculum enhancements places Tactical Medics Group in a league of its own. 

We know that every unit requires different Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training levels. Tactical Medics Group LLC teaches the following DHA/JTS Standardized courses.  

Tier 1 TCCC- All Service Members, 

Tier 2 TCCC Combat Life Saver, and  

Tier 3 TCCC- Combat Medic/ Corpsman. 

Upon demand non standardized or Custom TCCC training can be designed to suit your mission set or pre-deployment needs. 

Contact for the password for this link, (HERE),  with your .mil email, and let us start planning your TCCC training. 

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When a unit is required to do MASCAL training the planning and execution can be overwhelming for most units due to a lack of expertise in the subject, supplies, time, external resources, believability, or perceived training value. These exercises can take a tremendous amount of time and resources to organize and put on. In most cases, units fail to create a valued product for many of the reasons listed above.  Well, there is help. Let us take care of it for you. In return, your troops will not only get a valuable learning experience in an environment similar to their workplace. They will continue talking about this experience for a long time to come, and unit commanders will pick up a lot of great teaching points along the way. 

Tactical Medics Group will provide a customized lesson review on MASCAL operations and will design your unit MASCAL exercise with the input of that unit commander representatives. No two MASCALs are the same. Each is customized to your unit's specifications. They can be simple or very complex. We will go over the options with you in the design phase. Not only will the soldiers do life-saving treatments on actors who have been professionally moulaged using brand new trauma supplies, they are also being assessed for scene management from being on the “X” up to including evacuation, all in one continuous movement. The added value is this MASCAL event can be evaluated by selected Unit Officers/SNCOs who will monitor the exercise from the sideline where many valuable observations can be made to be discussed later to help steer future training requirements. 


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“The Best training program in the world is absolutely worthless without the will to execute it properly, consistently, and with intensity”


John Romaniello



Customized to your mission

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