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 MEDIC-X is the Air Force Surgeon General’s strategic initiative to develop a standardized medical force with necessary broad skills, common to all medical specialties, to enhance and improve patient care outcomes in contested environments. MEDIC-X is comprised of 52 life-sustaining skills that span across 13 clinical categories. 




Operates as a mobile schoolhouse, dedicated to providing high-fidelity MEDIC-X training tailored to each client's mission requirements. Our training programs are meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent and effective learning experience for all students. We achieve this by deploying a fully-equipped trailer containing supplies and equipment, facilitating the application of theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. Through strategically designed skills stations, encompassing all facets of the skills being taught, we foster critical thinking skills among our students. By emphasizing the 'why' behind each skill, we enable them to grasp concepts effortlessly. This immersive approach ensures optimal retention of learning objectives."


ThIS MEDIC-X course is suited for any USAF unit wanting to complete all 4 modules at one time.


MEDIC-X  "Ready to Respond"

Our stand-alone MEDIC-X Ready to Respond course covers all 52 skills in four modules. In this course we bring all the required equipment to teach each module effectively. We bring enough supplies to teach each student the skill properly. For example: disposable supplies are provided per student. If one student opens a packet of sterile gloves all students will open a packet of sterile gloves. 

Course Length: 4 days (1 module = 8 hours per day)

We can offer the following add:

1. Add a 5th day to setup a full mascal FTX. We set the stage where your base has come under fire and damage to the infrastructure is bad. students are told to setup to receive the wounded anywhere there is space. All equipment will be provided to specifically challenge the students in the new skills they have acquired. Students will breakup into small groups and be allocated to a bed-space to replicate a real world scenario. They will in turn complete a specific cluster of skills that compliment the MEDIC-X skills taught.  Each wounded actor will prompt the small group of students via a tablet, the care they need. Each skill station involves multiple skills and requires critical thinking skills and teamwork. other unit (Non-student) staff i.e Nursing Officers/ SNCOs can participate so the students can report their findings to senior medical staff like they would in real life.  Want to make this better? then add the following.

2. Add our customized Combat Trauma Casualty Care - Medical Providers (CTCC-MP) course  that covers 3 days of theory and multiple basic to advanced skills stations emphasizing the crawl, walk, run method of education. the 4th day allows the students to go through multiple amazing well thought out trauma scenarios that involve a variety of pyro to include blank firing weapons, remote detonated pyro, smoke, sounds, and more. Then add...

3. The added 5th day will start with a MASCAL in the field. The CTCCC-MP students will go out and
do the MASCAL. The MEDIC-X students
will be called in from their respective work stations and told to set up for incoming patients. Both Medics from the CTCC and the MEDIC-X students combine for a 4 hour FTX. That covers all 52 skills in detail in a realistic scenario.

The above is a brief overview of what the 5th day in details a lot more details have been left out due to proprietary training techniques.


MEDIC-X The minimum student count is 20 students.  We can go up to 30 in any one course. Any numbers exceeding 30 maybe be taught as separate courses.

CTCC-MP Minimum numbers is 20 students. We can go up to a max of 28.


We are able to travel anywhere in the United States or to conflict zones. As a mobile school house we can even setup in the field.


We require up to 30-90 days lead time for any custom/ contract course to set a date for training.


APPLY FOR CONGRESSIONAL FUNDING! Combine the MEDIC-X and our amazing Combat Trauma Casualty Care -Medical Provider (CTCC-MP) course and you have a "Prolonged Field Care Course like no other!


Tactical Medics Group LLC will provide upon request the necessary individual invoices for each SF-182 submitted for payment. Tactical Medics Group LLC has the correct Merchant Category Codes (MCC) registered to our corporate U.S. banking account, for use by the requesting units GPC for Training and Education. We understand that the payment process may take time, so we will do our best to work with you, but it's rather critical that payment is received no later than 60 days before the scheduled course date.


Tactical Medics Group is a turn-key operation. We quote your unit/agency a specific price to complete the training. Training fees may differ with various locations. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS! The following is covered in every custom/contract course

  • Pre-Site Visit to cover all aspects of training prior to our arrival. (More Information)

  • Travel costs  & Per Diem for all Tactical Medics Group Staff to and from your training location

  • Breakfast & Lunch during each training day for all students

  • MEDIC-X = 32-40 hours of realistic hands on training to include s 4+ hour FTX if a 5th day is added

  • CTCC-MP = 32-40  hours of intense, realistic training to include simulated and wet tissue skill labs with 3 mission-related realistic scenarios and all day FTX

  • Tactical Medics Group Certificate for Tier 3 CTCC- MP and 4 certificates for each MEDIC-X module

  • Students in each course will receive a Custom Challenge Coin, TCCC Patch, T-Shirt and decals

Victims/ Play actors

The quoted price will not include 12 "Unit Volunteers" required to act as victims. The organization requesting this training will supply the number of people to play victims required to complete the training. They will be professionally moulaged and trained to act the day before (Day 1 of training) the scenarios on day 2.



Tactical Medics Groups instructors are all veterans or currently serving in the military. Some have SOCOM experience and most have active secret clearances and current CAC cards. Most of our veterans are paramedics that have downrange experience and have been teaching with Tactical Medics Group for a number of years. You can review our instructor credentials "HERE"


contact us for references.

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